They See Me Rollin’

Yes, we can do your funny words/inside jokes/school name in the ‘RAYGUN font’, but we’ll make it look even cooler with added details and imagery.


National Balloon Classic

Designs created for the National Balloon Classic in Indianola. Thousands of hot air balloons, thousands of tee shirts.


Love Reaches

Design created for a worldwide non-profit. Each shirt feeds children in Africa! Because love and art reach everywhere, and help everyone.



Volleyball unit Astromech droid created for a volleyball team in town. We hear he helps Poe DAMN-eron with his sick serves.

With love from Des Moines, IA

Iowa Jazz Championships

Design created for the 2016 Iowa Jazz Festival. Client asked for something jazzy and related to Des Moines, as this was the last year the event was held in our capital.


Eden and Gray

Two-color design created for an Interior Design firm, based loosely on a vintage paint can.


Disney Vacation

Design created for an Iowa family traveling to Disney World for the first time. Client gave us the wording and we delivered on the design.


Bye Bye Birdie

Three-color vintage poster inspired design for Dowling Catholic’s Bye Bye Birdie musical production. Give us an idea and we’ll do it bigger and better than you could have imagined.



Our team shirts are 97% effective in getting your team to the championships.



Starting a summer softball team? We’ve got the goods for that.


Grand Tetons

One of two designs created for a trip to the Grand Tetons, loosely based on the client’s vintage tee shirt from the 80s.



Halftone used on a three-color Bunchball design to create the look of a third color without adding cost.


Alley Cats

For the Alley Cats, the coolest little old lady gang you’ve ever seen.


The Mouse That Roared

Hand drawn typography and design created for Dowling Catholic’s rendition of The Mouse That Roared.


Crossfit Circus

Original themed design series for “Crossfit Circus,” an event by Crossfit 8035

screen print tiger design

Crossfit Circus: Tiger

Original themed design series for “Crossfit Circus,” an event by Crossfit 8035.